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Rocking Chair Therapy - The History

An apple a day is just a rocking chair away!

The practice of Rocking Chair Therapy has existed even longer than the earliest photograph that we could find, as seen below. Rocking chairs were an American standard in homes of the mid 1700’s and were also being used in many institutional settings as well.

Hospital Ward 1913

Rocking Chair Therapy taking place in a female ward at a hospital c. 1913 Missouri State archives

Later, in the 1900’s Rocking Chair Therapy was emerging as a treatment for various ailments, and at the time considered progressive and effective. We haven’t been able to locate formal research from that era, but doctors have encouraged, suggested and even prescribed rocking for a long time. Public medical informational web sites usually have a bulleted list on soothing a baby's woes, and rocking in a rocking chair is usually one of the bullets. Rocking regularly in a good rocker simply has the ability to calm the spirit, soothe a stressed body, focus the mind and all the while gently exercising even the weakest of muscles. This “phenomenon” turned to fact when modern research accounts began to surface throughout varying healthcare disciplines. Oh, and the research is compelling. Visit "The Research" page to learn more, or click on the topics of interest on our menu.

This web site has become our way of sharing our love for rocking in a solid rocker. If you haven't already, our hope is that you will come to appreciate the traditions, benefits, and the medical marvel that is - the rocking chair.

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